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Heal The Cause-Free The Disorder:

Rita Soman Update February 2016

I am an evolved psychotherapist. What that means is that I now help my clients with the latest scientifically proven methods, that work. Like many other psychotherapists, life coaches and psychologists, I was trained to do traditional talk therapy for 18 years but that failed to bring long term results for my clients.

I felt sad and disheartened. I came to a point emotionally and spiritually that I couldn't Make myself do my job as a psychotherapist. I was on the verge of quitting my job. I felt the deep need to feel fulfilled and make a difference in people's life. I have no regrets for how I operated then, because my plight put me on the path to search for new ways to help my clients more effectively. Finally, after a long search, I discovered this 'mind blowing' process called PSYCH-K (which was created by Robert M. Williams) in Dr. Bruce Lipton's book The Biology Of Belief. 

Of course, I had to try and see if it was effective and I found that it was extremely effective. OH BOY! PSYCH-K took me on the internal trip where I discovered I had so many unresolved issues and limiting beliefs from my past that were causing me to engage in some compulsive behaviors that caused me to have extreme stress, which resulted in my horrible moods swings and thyroid problem. 

PSYCH-K helped me to totally heal the unresolved issues from my past and reprogrammed my mind with positive and self empowering beliefs. As a result, all the issues that I was experiencing vanished and I found myself feeling free, healthy, in control, happy and fulfilled. It was a day and night difference in every aspect of my being and in my life. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, here is the proof;

You may read about the dramatic changes that just one or a few sessions of PSYCH-K can bring and wonder if that is really true or if those changes are lasting. In my own life, I have experienced similar changes to other testimonials that I have read about. I moved out of depression, increased my salary several-fold, healed my marriage (which was on the brink of divorce) and finally forgave and bonded with my father after a lifetime of conflict. All of that was interconnected. One shift led to another but not without the consistent work and dedication to the process of change and growth (using PSYCH-K as my principal healing modality.) All of the other work I did to heal myself was dependent of my subconscious beliefs at the core and would have just been band-aid approaches if not for the foundational healing that PSYCH-K provided. 

Thank you, Rita Soman. Thank you for guiding me from despair to a life of empowerment and joy!

KS, Salt Lake City, Utah

PSYCH-K is a discipline that gives you the direct access to your subconscious mind to identify and change beliefs that are not serving our highest good. Since there is a direct correlation expression of the body and belief systems, PSYCH-K can also help you create perfect health. PSYCH-K is like an owner's manual for your brain. Free yourself from the prison of limiting beliefs. Your power is limitless!

Where am I Now? 

Personally, I am easily able to live my life with self design, found what I love with my wonderful husband (who I have been married to for 28 years.) Professionally, I am able to help people effectively with a variety of problems (including freedom from addictions.) As an internationally certified PSYCH-K instructor, I get to travel the world, meet nice people and see beauty as I teach PSYCH-K workshops.

I am living in heaven! From this state of mind, I naturally draw those people who are ready to live the life they desire and becoming the best version of themselves, by changing their limiting beliefs. 

I work with people in person, by phone at  (503) 667-2023 and via Skype (Skype address rita.soman1)

If you have a will, I have a way!

For more information, visit my Website


Rita Soman MA, CADC III (founder of Belief Mantra and Addictions and Family Counseling)

Love is the highest vibrating emotion. It not only changes 
our chemistry but also impacts all living beings and the planet, positively. There are many who didn't get to experience this emotion in life, especially during their childhood, and as a result their subconscious mind is not familiar with this feeling. So they keep searching for love outside in people and things and still feel empty and unloved.

I migrated to U.S. in 1987 in search of love in my second marriage, after couple failed relationships. I was able to attract via my lovely husband I have been married to for over 28 years. But I was too scared to give and receive love. In my  case due to past trauma during my first marriage, the emotion love was replaced with feelings of unworthiness, fear, anger, self hatred, jealousy etc. Since my mind lost touch with the emotion love, I couldn't give or receive love for a long time until I began to replace the painful and negative emotions with self love. I am very grateful to the modalities of PSYCH-K, EFT, The Emotion Code, Ho'oponopono, psychotherapy,
Shamanic Healing, The Healing Code, Rapid Eye therapy and to those professionals who facilitated the work with me, and piece by piece putting my broken heart together. It is due to the result of my years of consistent work, I can now say, I love myself and I am able to give and receive love to others unconditionally. I am not looking for love outside. It has been such a great feeling to feel good, and feel loved.

Thank you all for your love, your support and for your presence in my life, for some of you with physical presence and for others energetically.

Celebrate this lovely day with those who you feel close to and most importantly love yourself!

Happy Valentine Day 2016!

Take Charge Of Your Life

"It is not your fault what happened to you in your childhood, but it is your responsibility to heal all that doesn't serve your highest good. Don't expect your bad memories to go away with time. It doesn't work that way. In fact longer you hold on to them, stronger hold they get on you and can cause you fatal repercussions. So do something about your unresolved issues, your life will bless you, plus you will feel lighter, empowered and you will be able to create a life you desire and deserve to live."

~Rita Soman

Happiness is An Inside Job

"People usually run after what they missed out in their childhood. For example if they didn't feel loved, they will try to seek they outside, if they didn't have enough money, they go after opportunities to have more money, or if they didn't get acknowledgement as a child, they will become overachievers to fulfill the need for recognition etc. Those who do end up getting what they want, soon they realize that it didn't make them happy. Happiness is an inside job that you can only create by expanding your consciousness, that you can't achieve from outside, because it can only be achieved within. Even though it is good to have the drive to create big in life, but you must check to see which consciousness you are using to reach your goals. Remember that you can't fill your emotional void from outside in."

~Rita Soman

Change Your Inner Make Up

"No one can treat you badly unless you believe you are unworthy of respect from others at the subconscious level of the mind. When we have low self esteem we conscious or unconscious invite others to treat us badly.

The solution to raise your bar-your self esteem so that you can stop the old cycle. One way to do that I find very effective is PSYCH-K process. It has helped me to completely alter my self image and increase my self worth. 

I love helping others change the game of life. Instead of complaining and blaming about your life and people and be stuck in that victim's mindset, you can change your unworthiness labels and attract loving and caring people. Life is not happening to you. It is responding to you. 

You attract who you are. So if you don't like you see out there, then change within."

~Rita Soman

The Power Is In You

Neuroscience reveals that more  than 95% of our decisions, behaviors are generated by the subconscious mind. We control our life using our conscious mind only 5% of the time. So it is very important that we look into our subconscious mind's tape recorder and see what messages it has recorded over time and then change what doesn't match our goals, is the only way to generate long lasting behavioral changes. Learning tools that are only geared for the  one conscious mind, won't get us the results we are going after!

I have found PSYCH-K process to be of great value in getting my clients freedom from their limiting beliefs, that cause them to fail and be stuck in the vicious  cycle of relapse. In over 28yrs of my experience as a psychotherapist, I haven't seen a process that makes such great changes in human consciousness. 

I am grateful for Dr. Bruce Lipton for sharing valuable information about the subconscious mind and introducing PSYCH-K process by Rob Williams  in his book, The Biology of Belief. It is my honor to share what I know now with those who are ready for a breakthrough in life and in their practice of health modalities, including psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and hypnotherapists, etc.

The proof is here:
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