Thursday, April 21, 2016

PSYCH-K Hawaii Testimonial

Hawaii Testimonial

Hi Rita - I was just seeing some testimonials you posted. I have been thinking of you. So much time has passed since you were here. So much has gone around in my life (it is a whole long story that I will save) but the reason I say something is that - my life is so amazing! I was reflecting on how I have been feeling, what has been coming to me and all, feeling so very grateful - and then I was thinking about the work we did together and my space at that time. What a huge difference. I cant even put it to words. At first, honestly, I thought it may have been all for not as I did not notice anything - but over the time from then to now - it is a whole new life and it is simply incredible. Thank you for all you shared at the time you did. Wishing you all the best - knowing that is what you have already.

~LF, Hilo (Hawaii)

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