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Rita Soman is endorsed by Dr. Bruce Lipton (author of the groundbreaking book The Biology Of Belief.)

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Testimonials (February 2016)

PSYCH-K has given me incredible tools and I am changing my life with them. I am HUGE advocate for ANY personal growth classes. Learning this skill has helped me use everything else exponentially.

Deep thanks to my mentor Rita Soman, for the amazing gifts you share with all of us and provide us the opportunity to help ourselves.

ER-Portland, OR

Testimonials For PSYCH-K Workshop in Dehli by Rita Soman: http://www.newagewellnessworld.com/psych-kreg-testimonials-for-rita-soman.html

Testimonial March 1, 2016

If this testimony I just received is the greatest compliment I have ever received in my profession, I feel very humbled.

Testimonial for Rita Soman

“Two years back I had reached out to Rita with a right ‘Frozen Shoulder’. With my knowledge of alternate therapies I was averse to taking in chemicals like painkillers or subject my body to laser or microwave rays. I was trying healing modalities but I felt that there were some ‘blockages’ that prevented my quick healing. Thats when Rita introduced me to Psych-K and the important ingredient in ANY ‘wholesome’ healing for anyone - the Sub-Conscious Mind. Often ignored, under-estimated or unknown to most of us. For first few sessions I was a bit skeptical about it, wondering if it was another ‘new age’ healing fad. But I couldn’t deny the results that my physical body was showing. The psychosomatic connection of beliefs, thoughts, emotions and physical body and the life itself & circumstances thereof - it was a huge learning and pure evolutionary consciousness that came forth in our weekly sessions. Least did I know that it was just a beginning of my awakening. My relationships, my job, my financial state, my health… EVERYTHING was connected and linked to my Mind (& its belief systems) and truly transformed. I even had retreat symptoms when I “had enough” and wanted to quit but Rita’s unfailing patience & trust in her work made me come back again and again till I had quantifiable and qualitative difference in my life (- the reason I introduced my entire family and recommended it to every friend). Today I am among the top performers & earners in my job. I focus on doing what I love and loving what I do. I enjoy wonderful relationships with my family and most importantly I have learnt to TRULY love myself. The healing journey continues and I will always have a special place for Rita in my heart. Rita is such a compassionate soul dedicated to the evolution of consciousness and believes so strongly in her work that her sheer presence is of healing nature. Great thing about Rita’s whole-brain approach is that she intuitively uses combination of various modalities that help not only your Mind but sets your Soul on its healing journey of true Self-expression. She truly is an Elevator to your Success & Evolution. Thank you & God bless you, Rita, always & forever!”

AS, Gurgaon, India 

Testimonial Rita Received On March 9, 2016

Hi Rita,

 Great news and a big thanks to you! My CT scan last week showed no signs of cancer – after 2 years of my cancer journey, it is awesome news. My clear scan comes 8 months after my oncologist told me “you’re probably stage 4” and “morbidity is high in your situation”. I then chose to go against his treatment recommendation and have surgery. My wife and I then started a joyful trip overseas to focus on living, not on disease and doctors. And your words and wisdom were an important part of my process – I am forever grateful to you!

Relevant for everyone is knowing that people can win against advanced cancer, even without drugs. And that living with joy and letting go of emotional baggage has real healing power. My cancer journey has proven wonderful truths about our power over our health and terrible truths about the health industry - my oncologist is only one example in a system of fear that worsens the odds of patients’ success. I see a huge amount of unnecessary fear, suffering, and cancer deaths and I am now on a mission to change things. My view is very positive and I have a lot of good news and truths to share with everyone but these terrible realities need to be exposed!

I look forward to hearing from you and will keep you updated.

Peace and love,


Rita Soman Testimonial March 10, 2016

Dear Rita,
Thanks for giving me one of the best gift in life-realization that everything is a reflection of me. You made everything make sense and made me start on a beautiful journey-my love story with myself.

"If you want to change the way others treat you, you should first change the way you treat yourself. Unless you love yourself fully and sincerely, there is no way you can be loved. Once you achieve that stage, however, be thankful for every thorn, that others might throw at you. It is a sign that you will be showered in roses."
~Forty Rules of Love

Hope to see you in person. 
Till then,
Love and regards

~SA, New Delhi

Struggle Is Optional

Struggle is optional. Choice is yours. There is an easy and quick way to free yourself from beliefs that hold you back in life! 

Proof is in the pudding!!

"Rita, thank you so much for the life changing work you are helping me using, PSYCH-K process. After only a few sessions my life has vastly improved. I have experienced many forms of therapy on my search for healing, PSYCH-K has released me from past issues so fast and brought me so much peace, relaxation, and joy. It has reduced my anxiety, got me over my self sabotage and brought me a better life. I would absolutely recommend anyone to try this process with Rita, it is worth the investment. Nothing will pay you back better. I have tried Reike, Tapping EMDR, Gesualt therapy, psychoanalysis, NLP, Inner Child, Landmark forum, and many, many others...and nothing works as good as PSYCH-K with Rita Soman. Do yourself a favor and enter into a world you never dreamed of :) 
Thank you Rita I love you and all the work you've done and helping me get over bad programing from a very traumatic childhood that as plagued me for years. It feels good to finally be free of all those issues!!! I never dreamed my life could be this good."

~GT, Minnesota

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